Presidential Spokesman Ron Reagan​watch?v=QTcL6Xc_eMM Who tells the POTUS to Speed it up during a Presidential Address. Why the President’s Chief of Staff Donald Regan, his past Secretary of the Treasury and President of Meryl Lynch. He ran the Administration like he was President. Ronny was just a Spokesperson who read anything put in front of him. Oh, they let him tell stupid jokes, he was a funniy guy.

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Corruption in New Mexico Prison System

Multiple Civil Rights Violations including Rape by a Correctional Officer at the Los Lunas Prison Facility.

It seems there’s a number of civil rights violations at the Los Lunas Prison Facility while Anthony Romero was Warden. Recently, an inmate made allegations of multiple rapes by a correctional officer and the F.B.I. sent in an undercover agent to investigate. The F.B.I. is continuing it’s investigate and has a policy of not responding to ongoing investigations.

The Albuquerque Journal

May 16–A civil rights lawsuit filed Tuesday makes several explosive allegations, including that a high-ranking guard at the state prison in Los Lunas raped a male inmate several times in 2011 — including while the inmate was handcuffed — and that the prison’s warden helped to thwart an undercover FBI investigation into the alleged rapes.

Attorney Matthew Coyte filed the lawsuit in state District Court in Valencia County on behalf of former inmate Kenneth Morgan. It alleges excessive force, along with violations of due process and equal protection, and that Morgan’s treatment rose to the level of cruel and unusual punishment. The suit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages and attorneys’ fees and costs.

The lawsuit names as defendants Kenneth Carrejo, a former captain at the Central New Mexico Correctional Facility, and Anthony Romero, who was warden at the Los Lunas prison at the time of the alleged rapes in 2011.

Carrejo has retired from the Corrections Department, although a spokeswoman could not say when. Romero is now deputy director of the department’s Adult Prisons Division.

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This blogger has come across more civil rights suits filed against the Warden Anthony Romero. Of particular interest are civil rights lawsuits filed pro se by an inmate: Jose Sanchez (now released). Mr. Sanchez has named Warden Romero as a defendant along with other prison officials – citing a number of violations of the inmates constitutional rights. It seems this inmate alleges in his lawsuits that he was kept in prison past his lawful release date and he was denied access to defense counsel.

Upon receiving this information, I called the NM Secretary of Corrections Office in Santa Fe to see if Secretary Gregg Marcantel cared to comment on these allegations of Civil Rights Violations against the NM Corrections Department and Warden Anthony Romero (and other officers). No one answered and I left a message requesting a call back by the Secretary so I could give him a chance to comment on these cases. No call as of yet. I also called Cristina Rodda Director – Public Affairs for the NM Department of Corrections. No one answered the call including a messaging machine. (Update Director Rodda did respond to an email sent by phoning except I missed the call)

I will be continuing my reporting on these matters in coming blogs.


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The Romney Campaign Traps Democrats with Spin

Corey Booker is a good Mayor, Democrat and Supporter of President Obama. Make no mistakes about that. But he doesn’t understand the Presidents position on Private Capital. Obviously. When the Obama campaign attacks Romney on his accomplishments at Bain Capital, they are not attacking Private Capital but Romney’s Brand of Vulture Capitalist. Obama’s Campaign workers didn’t come up with that phrase it was fellow Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich! He attacked Romney during the primaries on what he called Romney’s dispicable type of Capitalism. Steal from the Poor and give to the Rich. Decimating Companies and their employees for profits. At all costs.

Corey Booker is now a surgote for the Romney Campaign Spin Machine. He needs to listen to what President Obama says and realize when he tries to explain it he should know what he’s talking about. You got caught Corey but it was your own fault for not thinking before you blabber.


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